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Stalham Baptist Church. Baptist minister, Rev Ron Skivington. Stalham Baptist Church. Baptist minister, Rev Ron Skivington.

Project of the Year 2017: Stalham Baptist Church

Northern Sector

Introduction to Phase 1 of Proposed Refurbishment Works

Major refurbishment works to modernise the Sanctuary were completed in 2012. Stalham Baptist Church (SBC) has identified the need to bring the remaining buildings up to the standard achieved five years ago.

Plans were drawn up in June 2016 when it became apparent that due to the high volume of work needed SBC should adopt a timed programme of works.

We felt that there should be a high involvement approach in moving the project forward. Focus groups were held over a period of a few months to give the church family opportunity to look at the plans, and ask questions for clarification where appropriate. Written feedback in the form of questionnaires were collated and entered into one document to capture the church family’s input. The final document did not eliminate items recorded or reword items for efficiency, to preserve all of the input exactly as given.

Question 11 of the document asked: Considering the whole of the draft proposal what area of work should be the priority for Phase 1 of the development works and responses identified:

  • The School Room
  • Kitchen
  • Unisex and Disabled toilets

School Room

This is a very spacious area but due to the age of the building (1884) does not have a damp course. The plaster on the walls will be limed base and not compatible with plaster of today as it causes the plaster to blow. It is also in the ante rooms adjoining the school room therefore the first job will be to install a liquid injected damp course and allow the building to dry out. The old wooden floor is rotting as are the wall facings so they need to be removed and a new floor laid. The ceiling is double skinned. One large panel fell to the floor and although repaired is a potential hazard so the whole of the ceiling needs to come down and re-cladded. Consideration needs to also be made for cabling prior to new flooring bearing in mind the work for a new kitchen and toilets.


This needs gutting, damp proofing and re-plastered, new floor and refitted to a fully functioning modern kitchen.

Unisex and a Disabled Toilet

There are currently no toilet facilities in the main body of the church so people have to leave the main building, walk across the courtyard to use external toilets. Stalham Baptist Church is very much at the heart of the local community with a wide range of activities provided by members of SBC and is also available for external organisations for occasional use. The refurbishment will provide a safe and pleasant environment where we hope to extend our outreach programmes.