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Project of the Year 2019: Earls Hall Baptist Church

Southern Sector

Our vision: Love God, Love people, and be followers of Jesus

Earls Hall Baptist are a community church, part of the bustle of Southend-on-Sea and particularly of Prittlewell.  Our passion and focus is to play a significant and increasing role within the community.  Our hope is to participate in God’s active revelation of who he is to the world.   We therefore organise and run a wide range of activities and groups to cater for people of all ages and interests to help introduce others to God’s wonderful love, and for all of us to know him better.
The building we operate from is in an excellent location, with a bus stop immediately outside, and with many young people passing by every day going to and from school, as well as good number of pedestrians going past each day.  It is also very close to the local hospital and has excellent road links in and out of the town.

The church premises have existed on the current site since 1939 and have given us a focus on being part of the life of the community for decades. Over the years, during the 1950s and 1960s especially, the building was extended to serve a growing congregation.  However, the building is now tired, dated, and more importantly cannot effectively serve our needs as we seek to enhance our visibility in the community.
The church recently said ‘yes’ to proceeding beyond a feasibility study and into fundraising. We have the plans, and subject to a meeting with the council to approve them, we can proceed with intensive fundraising.
We trust we will completely rebuild on our site.

We believe that our new church building can allow us to increase our presence as a significant hub in the community.  This new building will enable us to serve God more faithfully and with greater effect than at present.
Our new church building will increase in us the opportunity to love our neighbour, and we trust that we continue to grow in our love of the Lord our God.

The building cost will be significant, but our intention is to build to last.  We have an expectation that our new building will still be effective 100 years from completion, and that it will still be a blessing to the local church meeting here and to the community around.