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Pioneering Ministries

We are privileged within EBA to have a number of Pioneer Ministries who are partly funded through Home Mission. These ministries often are working within communities that have great need and very little financial ability to support themselves. The Ministers who feel called to these ministries work sacrificially within these communities. We are often asked by Churches if there are ministries or churches within the EBA that could do with a financial gift as they themselves have been blessed or what their church can be praying for.

The EBA are launching a Partners in Pioneering programme to help those ministries spread the word of what they do. If indeed you or your church feels moved to give financially please contact the ministry direct.

Love Purfleet

The small town of Purfleet on Thames sits on the northern edge of the river, next to the Dartford Crossing and at the western edge of the borough of Thurrock There has not been a Baptist witness in the town since ‘Purfleet Baptist Church’ closed its doors more than 15 years ago. But that is […]

New Growth Ministries

New Growth Ministry (NGM) is a new Baptist community based in Myland, North West Colchester. We established as an EBA church in 2017 in response to the vast expansion of housing in this area of the town. Our gatherings are small and informal and are focussed towards those who might not connect easily with traditional […]