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NEOS – A Christian Festival for Young people School years 7-13

Spread over four days in mid-August in Gamlingay, Neos is a great mix of worship, teaching, prayer, fun, making new friends, and spending time thinking about the big issues facing young people. We understand that proper community is created when we spend time together so we’ll be camping together, eating together and all pitching in together to help make Neos the best it can be.

Like other events that your churches may have attended previously, any young people will need to come with leaders from your church, and they will be legally responsible for them throughout the event. This means that leaders will need to ensure that they have the relevant information for the young people in their group. At Neos, group leaders will be camping in the same area as the young people in their group. There will be times when the leaders and young people will be helping out in different ways (serving food, washing up, welcoming people to meetings, etc), but for the rest of the time, leaders will be able to spend time with the young people, without needing to worry about the practicalities of the event. One example of this is that all meals are provided, so this is one less thing for your youth leaders to organise themselves.
We hope that this gives you an idea of what Neos is. For more information, please visit WCCYM’s website (, and follow the links to the Neos page. Feel free to email me on or contact the Neos team on if you have any questions

The word ‘neos’ is a Greek word that appears in the New Testament, with one of the meanings being ‘new’, and another being ‘young’. We feel that both of these ideas help to explain the idea behind this festival. This is an exciting adventure we are starting, and we’d love you to join us!

Date / Time: 14th August, 2020 2:00pm
The event runs from August 14-17. All have to be off site on the 18th by 10:00 am.


Mill Farm
Potton Road
SG19 3LW

Cost: £75 (includes all meals)
External website: Visit this website for more details
Contact: Susie Thomson

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