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Walking in another’s shoes (16 September)

Walking in another’s shoes

I would like to encourage you this week to read Ruth chapter 1.  In this chapter we meet many characters who are experiencing life in so many different ways.  As you read this familiar chapter again take a moment to consider these characters: Elimelech, his wife Naomi, their sons Mahlon and Chilion, then their wives Ruth and Orpah.

Their life is mostly summarised in first five verses of this chapter. Consider anew what they are living through and who they are.

Let me introduce them to you again:

There is the successful, innovative Elimelech taking his family to safety.

The two pairs of newlyweds, with many hopes and aspirations of the life to come and what it will hold.

Then there is the middle aged woman devastated by the loss of her husband and both of her sons.

Finally the vulnerable young women from Moab about to travel to a foreign land to become unacceptable immigrants.  One of them chooses to go, the other stays.


Now pause and ask yourself some questions:

Do you relate to any one of these characters more than another?  Why is that?

How easy do you find it to put yourself in the shoes of each one?

What would you want to say to each one of these people?


In your context, your church, your town, who are the Elimelech’s Mahlon’s, Chilion’s, Naomi’s, Ruth and Orpah’s  Who are you to them, are you able to step into their shoes for a moment? In what way are you being God’s hands and feet?  What would God have you say to or do for them?

It is profoundly challenging for some to relate to those of a different background than ourselves, whether that is ethnicity, or class or age, but as ministers we are called to draw alongside everyone.  Often we are the only expression of God that people meet, that is both awesome, in the correct meaning of the word and can be inspiring, if we allow God’s Spirit to work through us.


EBA Week of Prayer – time to gather together.

As we have not been able to gather in person for our annual EBA Gathering we are encouraging individuals and churches to join us in praying together and reflecting together around the five areas of discipleship which we feel God is challenging us about at this time:

Monday – Discipleship is more than programmes

Tuesday – Discipleship is relational

WednesdayDiscipleship happens where God places us

Thursday – Discipleship in Lockdown makes new connections

Friday – Discipleship means still listening to God and going deeper with God


For more information and resources (which will available by Thurs 17th Sept) please take a look at our website and join us for prayer either every morning at 9.30-10.00 or on Wednesday evening for 8-8.30pm.

Please contact EBA secretary for the Zoom link

Join us also for our AGM on Monday 21st September at 6.45pm

Please contact EBA secretary for the Zoom link

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