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He’s on every page even if you can’t see him (30 September)

This week, our thought has been written by Graeme Ross, EBA Regional Minister

Have you ever looked at a ‘Where’s Wally’ book? (‘Where’s Waldo’ to our American & Canadian friends).

I need to be honest and say that I find these books really stressful because I’m hopeless at spotting Wally. I know he’s on every page which makes it especially annoying when I can’t see him. Thankfully, and frustratingly at the same time, it only takes one of my family members to look over my shoulder and say ‘there he is’ for me to be able to see him clearly.

You think that it would be easy to spot Wally in his bright red and white striped outfit, but it is incredibly difficult because the pictures are so crowded. Wally with just a few other characters would be easy to see but in the chaos of the crowded scene you might spend a long time looking, wondering where he is.

God is present in every situation whether we can see him or not, but life is so full, busy and chaotic that it is easy to lose sight of Him. Even when we can’t see God, we believe and have faith that he is still present and that he is still at work! God is with us always and we are reminded that when we gather as two or three or more that we shouldn’t forget that the ever present God is in the midst and that he is the one that should be the centre of our attention.

In the chaos and confusion of these strange times which we are living in, it can be hard sometime to spot God at work and for this reason It is good to have our Christian family who can point him out to us in the times when we are struggling.

If God is at work in your life, if you have had answers to prayer then I hope you will make time to share this with others. God is doing amazing things and we need to do all that we can to honour him by pointing him out to others. If you have a good news story that can be shared publicly then please use  the EBA facebook group to tell us about it

In case you couldn’t spot him in the picture, Wally is near the top left hand corner next to the table with boots on. (You might find it easier to spot him in a full resolution copy of the image

Picture ‘Where’s Waldo Game’ on Pixy, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0


For prayer

One of our EBA ministers’ daughter is having major surgery tomorrow, with an expected long and difficult recovery. Please pray for the family, the surgeons and strength to tackle the recovery.

Beth and Nick are on annual leave this week. On Saturday I am teaching at the Mission Shaped Ministry course in Colchester and on Sunday I will be preaching at Mill Road Baptist Church in Cambridge on Zoom.

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