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How do you choose the books you read (16 June)

Out Thought for the Week today comes from Sean Fountain, minister at Pier Avenue, Clacton and member of the EBA Council. Perhaps you go by author, you have been challenged by or appreciated previous writings. Maybe a friend or colleague has recommended a particular writer. Maybe it is the theme of the book. The writer […]

‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening (9 June)

The thought this week is written by Rev John Goddard, Minister at Saffron Walden Baptist Church and EBA Trustee One of our favourite stories from Sunday School is that of the boy Samuel being woken in the night by God’s voice calling him – ‘Samuel! Samuel!’ We love the almost pantomime nature of the young […]

Stepping outside (2 June)

‘Being in a crowd was scary, it was a long time since she had ventured outside. ‘I am just woman in a crowd’, she tells herself as she seeks to conceal her face, striving not to be noticed.  Where was he?  How could she find him?  This teacher, this rabbi she had heard so much […]

Many strands make one rope (26 May)

The thought this week was written by Graeme Ross, EBA Regional Minister As I was praying earlier this week I was reminded that the strength of a rope is determined by the amount of strands that are woven together and it dawned on me that a rope is a helpful metaphor for what God intends […]

How much do I owe God? (19 May)

Our Thought for the Week this week is from Jeniya Gwendu, our Moderator of EBA Council and she asks the questions ‘How much do I owe God?’ A friend sent this message in our ladies WhatsApp group which reads:   A 78 year old man fell apart and was transported to the hospital. We gave […]

Gone fishing (12 May)

The thought this week was written by Nick Lear, EBA Regional Minister. One of my favourite programmes on TV is Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing. Two comedian friends (Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse) both had cardiac problems and to help Bob overcome the trauma of his surgery Paul invited him to join him on a […]

Kept your word (5 May)

The thought this week has been written by Beth Powney, EBA Regional Minister As I pondered before God what I should be writing this week as a thought to share, I felt very empty and blank.  So I did what seemed best to do and sat before God, saying, what should I write, what do […]

Are you a fussy eater? (28 April)

The thought this week was written by Graeme Ross, EBA Regional Minister I am a very decisive person in most circumstances, but put me in front of a large choice of ice cream flavours and choosing could take some time. Looking at the vast variety of flavours, many of which I never would have imagined […]

Living the resurrection (21 April)

The thought this week is written by Beth Powney, EBA Regional Minister [Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash] A couple of weeks ago we celebrated all that Easter means to us, including Jesus’ resurrection and soon we will celebrate his ascension and then Pentecost.  But for now we remain, according to the church calendar, in Eastertide, so I […]

Easter People? (14 April)

In 21st Century Britain we have to wrestle with a number of things that never caused our ancestors any issues – things that are meant to make our life easier. We struggle with zoom lag; we get frustrated when our printer stops talking to our computer for no apparent reason; we forget to unmute ourselves […]