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Embrace the mud!! (23 September)

This week’s thought has been written by John Goddard, EBA council member and Minister at Saffron Walden Baptist Church Embrace the mud!! My sons didn’t expose me to much opportunity to gather on the touchline whilst they played sports-ball, with my generous taxi service more often being needed for chess tournaments and choir rehearsals, rather […]

Walking in another’s shoes (16 September)

Walking in another’s shoes I would like to encourage you this week to read Ruth chapter 1.  In this chapter we meet many characters who are experiencing life in so many different ways.  As you read this familiar chapter again take a moment to consider these characters: Elimelech, his wife Naomi, their sons Mahlon and […]

Are you looking behind? (9 September)

This week the thought for the week was written by Nick Lear Isn’t it interesting how some childhood memories stick vividly in our memories and others are lost in the mists of time? I can vividly remember the day when I learnt to ride a bike. I had a small purple bike that had training […]

Don’t forget to water the garden (2 September)

This week our thought has been written by Graeme Ross As Sue left the house, her final words were ‘Thanks for housesitting. I know you will take great care of the place but please, please, please don’t forget to water the garden!’ ‘You know that you can trust me’ Bob replied with a grin. ‘I […]

Planted by streams of water (26 August)

I have always appreciated the first three verses of Psalm 1 with its encouragement to take delight in and drink deeply of the law of the Lord, or perhaps we would interpret this for us today as the word of God.  Then in verse three, this drawing and drinking deeply of the word of God […]

The Myna Bird (19 August)

Our ‘Thought for the Week’ has been written by Sean Fountain who is the Minister of Pier Avenue Baptist Church in Clacton and a member of the EBA council I have been remembering a story I heard a little while back. It was about an elderly lady called Margaret, who owned a Myna bird. Most […]

Called to rebuild? (12 August)

This week’s thought for the week has been written by Beth Powney. Called to rebuild? In Thetford there are some extensive ruins of an old 12th century Priory, which was one of the largest and most important monasteries in medieval East Anglia.  The ruins of this priory are a place I sometimes go to take […]

Are you feeling pixelated? (5 August)

‘You looked really pixelated’, these words following a recent Zoom call have helped me to make sense of how I (and perhaps many of us?) are feeling in these uncertain times. Zoom calls often pixelate when the internet speed is too slow or too many devices are using an internet connection at once but strangely, […]

Does God suffer with memory loss? (29 July)

Good morning my friends I wonder whether God suffers from memory loss? It’s possible to come to that conclusion when you read the Bible because the pages are full of people reminding God of his promises and his character, his faithfulness and his love. Why do they do that? Of course it’s most definitely not […]

Good reasons for meeting together one to one (15 July)

This weeks thought has been written by Rev Peter Thomas is Minister of North Springfield Baptist Church in Chelmsford, a member of EBA Council and Treasurer of The College of Baptist Ministers. The people who have made the most impact on our Christian lives, who first helped us to faith and most helped us to […]