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Forgiveness (22 September)

Our Thought for the Week comes from Sean Fountain, minister at Pier Avenue and EBA trustee Have you had the experience of a certain word or theme that keeps cropping up?  It has been happening to me.  The word that kept haunting me is ‘forgiveness.’ At one level, this is not surprising.  Forgiveness is one […]

Listening (15 September)

Our Thought for the Week comes from Jeniya Gwendu our Moderator of Trustees who will also be speaking at our EBA Gathering on 25th September. Listening: A friend of mine sent me this story: A man came home tired from work. He sat on the sofa and put his feet up. His wife brought him […]

A picture of the church? (8 Sept)

The thought this week has been written by Graeme Ross, EBA Regional Minister The ‘close the gate’ sign didn’t appear out of the ordinary until I realized that there was no fence attached to the gate. As I was praying about what to write for this latest thought for the week, I remembered taking this […]

Forsaken? (31 August)

Forsaken? Step into the spaces we say we feel your awesomeness and the places where we claim your forsakenness’  (Rev Nadia Bolz-Weber) When I read this quote recently it grabbed my attention, the way the juxtaposition of the sentence highlights the sacred secular divide which we sometimes erect.  It is easy and comfortable to dwell […]

Why do we serve God? (25 August)

The thought this week was written by Peter Thomas, Minister at North Springfield Baptist Church and EBA Trustee Every Christian serves God. Whenever we love our neighbour and whenever we share our faith, it is God we are serving. Ministers and deacons and home group leaders and those who work with children and young people […]

Who or what are we gathered around? (18 August)

It was like a scene from a science fiction movie with a group of apparently unconnected people gathering on a remote beach just before sunset and looking out to sea, waiting for something to happen. We had made the 30-minute drive from Inverness and arrived at 8.30pm, before joining the others on the beach at […]

Holding on (11 August)

Our Thought for the Week today comes from Andrew Openshaw who is both the minister of Homelands Free Church and a member of EBA Council. A couple of years ago, when we moved to Frinton, I decided to take up golf as a new hobby. I’d never played properly before, or joined a club, so […]

Listening-now there’s a challenge (4 August)

The thought this week has been written by Beth Powney, EBA Regional Minister This week I have three of my grandchildren staying, two of which are young teenagers, the other a nine year old.  The youngest has the loudest and most piercing voice, you will always hear her through any other noise.  The eldest is […]

Seek His kingdom first (28 July)

Our Thought for the Week this week comes from Laura Evans, who is a member of EBA Council and currently the Children Youth and Families worker at Cornerstone Baptist church.  In September Laura is moving on to a new role with a Missional Community, we will be sorry to lose her from Council, but wish […]

The Importance of the overlap (21 July)

The thought this week has been written by Graeme Ross, EBA Regional Minister As I was praying for our new regional team a few days ago, the image of the Olympic rings came into my mind. As I was trying to consider what God might be saying, I thought about this powerful symbol of unity […]