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Trust God (8 July)

This week our Thought has been written by Jeniya Gwendu, EBA Moderator   Trust God I read a caption which said, “ a bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but in its ability to fly”. Having read that, the word that […]

God is with us but are we with him? (1 July)

This week our thought has been written by Graeme Ross Over the years, I’ve heard many people say that ‘God is with us’, but I’ve rarely heard anyone ask, ‘are we are with Him?’ Several weeks ago, I was really struggling and as I looked out the window, I noticed something that now gives me […]

Patches and Wineskins (23 June)

Written by Nick Lear Good morning friends Over the past couple of months the Regional Team have hosted some conversations with Ministers to explore what God may be saying to his churches through the coronavirus lockdown. We have discerned five themes that we feel clearly came out of these conversations around ‘discipleship’ and these are […]

What does it mean to surrender? (17 June)

Dear Friends, I apologise that this is longer than usual, but somehow I just couldn’t make it any shorter.  I pray that it may bless you and provoke you to reflect. What does it mean to surrender? Do you remember those key times in your life when you left school and started college or your […]

Black Lives Matter (10 June)

Our General Secretary Lynn Green made this helpful and challenging statement a few weeks ago:  “The inhumane and merciless brutality demonstrated towards George Floyd last week was an appalling act of injustice and reveals yet again the ugly reality of deeply ingrained institutional racism in the USA.  The authentic response of a people who follow […]

Immeasurable Worth (3 June)

Acts 2:14-21 I have been following the series ‘Rich House, Poor House’ on TV recently.  It follows two families (one in the top 10% income bracket, one in the bottom 10% income bracket), as they swap houses with each other and adopt the others income and lifestyle for a week.  As I have watched, what […]

Optics (27 May)

Recent events have got me thinking about ‘optics’. No, I haven’t been thinking about glasses (although I am reminded of the reason for cleaning your glasses: you can’t be optimistic with a misty optic). I have been thinking about political optics. That’s the way that events are perceived by the public. I am not going […]

The Church is like Elastic (19 May)

We recently held a meeting for Ministers in which we asked ‘what is God saying?’. I found what people shared as we zoomed thought provoking, encouraging and challenging but the phrase that has stuck with me since is ‘churches are like a piece of elastic. However much you stretch them, they always ping back into […]

Open our eyes (12 May)

I grew up in a place full of the beauty of creation, in the High Peak of Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District. I enjoyed watching the birds in our garden, but the beauty of creation was not really my passion – that was trains! I was a trainspotter. I built model railways […]

The Tree (5 May)

When I was gardening over the weekend I came across a small tree sapling, probably an Ash tree, as we have 6 of those in front of our house, so we often find ones which have self-seeded. It was not a good place for a large tree to start growing and so I had to […]