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Weekly Prayer Focus: Zion Baptist Church

Week 51

Zion Baptist Church is a growing city centre church in Cambridge. This multi-national church represents many cultures including people from Japan, Palestine and Iran, one of whom was baptised on Easter Sunday! They are passionate about meeting people where they are and serving them there.

As there are few houses locally, the church reaches out to people in other ways, primarily by befriending. For example, the church has great links with the local schools and has built relationships with the parents. They also host micro-events, such as the Mad Hatter Tea Party at Easter and the October light party which had a bouncy castle, crafts and a non-alcoholic parents bar where many conversations were had.

Jason de-Vaux has been the minister at Zion Baptist Church for fourteen months and has seen the congregation double in this time. He is focused on friendship evangelism, where everyone is welcome and spending time with people and eating with them is valued. These skills he developed from working in other churches, but also being in the mission field in South Korea and roles within chaplaincy. The church also welcomes the cadets and veterans that Jason ministers to as a reserve chaplain. Jason is married to Elle, who is the church administrator, and brings her schoolteacher experience to the church and family. Both of their children are evangelising and invite all their friends to come to church!

On the 2nd December Zion Baptist Church opened its doors to a Narnia-themed Christmas event. (pictured).  With 100 trees and 3,000 lights, this was no small task, but it brought many people to the church, allowing for wonderful conversations over mulled wine (non-alcoholic of course!). The display will remain until Christmas, and all are warmly invited to see it.

Please pray with Zion Baptist Church:

  • For more contact with families and individuals, to allow us to reach people from all backgrounds.
  • To find new ways to serve people and to meet people with friendship, not for any other reason.
  • For our members who are experiencing rapid changes as we grow, and that the church continues to be wise in its decision-making, even though change can be difficult.

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