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Weekly Prayer Focus: Wood Lane Baptist Church

Week 34

Wood Lane Baptist Church is in Dagenham, East London. It is a group of ordinary, local people who are learning to love and trust one another under God’s love.

Like many churches, they have seen a dwindling in their membership numbers; and COVID did not help. However, their heart to seek the lost has not diminished. That faithfulness has led to a slow return in their numbers as they meet to sustain and develop one another in Christian discipleship.

The church is aware that although the workers are few, the harvest is plentiful, and they have an active church life to fulfil their evangelistic vision. This includes afternoon fellowship and an evening Youth Club which has just restarted. Additionally, their hall is well-utilised with groups including Aerobics led by a church member, and other activities such as a sewing group. These activities provide opportunities for great conversations with locals, resulting in people attending on a Sunday morning. One of their next challenges is a walking football group which they hope to set up soon.

This level of activity can be challenging for the church to sustain, but they have been blessed with an increase in those in leadership, and new people have stepped up to lead some of the activities.

Pastor Anthony Egbunike has been the minister for the last two years, whilst also training at Spurgeon’s College. Anthony has been part of the church for twenty years and was called as Minister in Training when the previous lead minister retired. He aspires to be in the community as much as possible, and you will find him prayer-walking the local streets, but he also recognises the amazing journey God has taken him on through his studies. He has found his studies to be challenging but enjoyable and would recommend it!

Please pray:

  • For those not part of the church community at the moment, but who could return.
  • For continued unity in the church for vision and commitment to God’s mission for the lost.
  • For a continuation for the church to be attentive to God’s leading as they open new activities.
  • For more people to be able to help with activities, allowing balance and rest for those who have been working so hard.
  • For Pastor Anthony’s final year at Spurgeon’s College and his dissertation.

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