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Weekly Prayer Focus: Shotgate Baptist Church

Week 05

Shotgate is located in Wickford, Essex and is a community of about 2,830 homes.  It is the home of Shotgate Baptist Church.

SBC’s minister is Pholani Ncube who joined the fellowship in 2019 as a Minister in Training and was ordained in 2021, when he also became the full-time minister.

It was a difficult beginning for Pholani, as he was only in ministry for six months before the pandemic hit and lockdown was enforced. Pholani conducted the services on-line and met with the church leaders on zoom which were completely new to the church. SBC continues to live-stream all its services on-line and several people have joined the church having ‘discovered SBC’ on YouTube which is exciting.

Each month they hold an Over 50’s lunch, which is open to anyone from the local community.  The people who attend receive a two-course meal and refreshments with a short devotional at the end.  Several people from the lunch now attend the church and others support services such as Harvest, Easter and Christmas and a café-style church service which is held bi-monthly.

Prayer points

  • Please pray for Shotgate Baptist Church as they seek God’s guidance for 2023 and for ways to reach out to the local community.
  • For growth in SBC both spiritually and in number.
  • For more people from the Over 50’s lunch to give their lives to Jesus.


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