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Weekly Prayer Focus: Nansen Road Baptist Church, Ipswich

Week 46

Nansen Road Baptist Church in Ipswich is tucked away in a council housing estate and home to the warm hearted and faithful. The pastor Revd Peterson Roy Anand endeavours for the church to be rooted in the Word of God, have a closer relationship with God and have a Holy Spirit filled church.
In the last few years the church has seen some graceful yet major changes, such as a church that is developing to be more diverse in age and nationality. He is also ushering in more contemporary worship with a new church band and music.
Recently the church encountered a sad event that happened in the community (the death of a teenage boy, gang related knife crime) which was covered by the local BBC Radio, ITV and BBC TV news. It was in this darkness that the church had an opportunity to show God’s light and love. One of the events held was a fundraiser that raised about £3,000 to cover the cost of the funeral service for the bereaved family. In this crisis the church was able to build trust with local residents and youth. The pastor of the church is in regular touch with the family and community and is representing Christ in a real way in homes and the streets.
God works in mysterious ways and the church is exploring possibilities of starting a youth drop-in centre. During this event we have united local churches even more so in the mission of sharing Jesus and bringing salvation to the lost in our town through prayer and action.
For prayer:
• Please pray for the salvation of the bereaved family and the community.
• Pray for favour, funding, strength and resources for the much-needed youth drop- in centre.
• Please pray for the stable growth of the church that is spirit filled and modern to accommodate the contemporary people of the world and people of all walks of life.

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