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Weekly Prayer Focus: Framlingham Community Baptist Church

Week 18

The ancient market town of Framlingham is nestled in the East Suffolk countryside and is home to a magnificent 12th Century castle and Framlingham Community Baptist Church.

Members of FCBC are drawn from the town and local villages, with around 30 forming the regular congregation. The church does not have a pastor, instead relying on a small but dedicated leadership team and visiting speakers to share God’s Word.

Services usually take place at the local youth centre. Attendance has actually increased during lockdown as the church migrated to Zoom for its Sunday services and midweek meetings. The use of technology has been a blessing for those who would otherwise be unable to attend in person to regularly connect with the church family.

The pandemic has inevitably affected the regular activities, but by working with other churches support has continued for a number of mission endeavours, including the local food bank and CAP debt centre.

The church decided to support the youth centre by continuing to pay rent during lockdown, and is now helping with an upgrade and renovation, using the expertise of a church member. It is hoped this growing partnership will bear fruit for God’s Kingdom.

Prayer points

  • We thank God for holding us close in uncertain days. Please pray for unity in perceiving and following God’s agenda for our church and for the town’s Churches Together network moving forward.
  • Pray for the new housing developments. For Christian families to move in and for opportunities to share the gospel with new residents.
  • The pandemic has increased mental health-related issues. If we are called to be a hospital ship rather than a cruise liner, pray for God to equip us for the task. We are few in number and the need is great.


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