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Weekly Prayer Focus: Emmanuel Church, Chatteris

Week 21

The market town of Chatteris is set in the heart of The Fens, north of Cambridge. Emmanuel Church is a three-denominational LEP who have just celebrated their 30th anniversary at Easter.

As with all churches at this unusual time, a rethink has been required in just about every area. For recently-appointed minister Charlie Radburn and his wife, Sandy, it has made for an especially eventful first year at the church! Yet the work of God continues, and the church have opted to utilise ‘phone conferencing’ to allow the greatest number of individuals to participate in worship, home groups and prayer meetings.

While the challenges of Covid-19 remain, there have been a number of notable blessings that the church are thankful for. These include an increase of 20% of people ‘attending’ church, and a real sense of fervent prayer in meetings. It has also enabled those who are socially isolated due to age or illness to receive recordings and increase their sense of connectedness.

While a return to worship in the church building is eagerly anticipated, the lessons being learned during this time are invaluable and it is hoped will enable the church to increase its long-term reach and effectiveness in mission to its community.

For Prayer
Please pray that we will continue to learn together more of what it means to be ‘church’ during this strange time, and that when it is all ‘over’, take what is good and carry it through to Emmanuel and it’s future mission.

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