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Weekly Prayer Focus: EBA Regional Team

Week 52

As we write this Prayer Focus for the Regional Team, I think we all agree that no one thought this last year would have turned out the way it has.

Coronavirus has turned our world upside down and given us all challenges to deal with. This was no different for the Regional Team, the Regional Ministers who normally spend a lot of time travelling around the area meeting churches and ministers were confined to their homes and like so many of you had to get used to meeting with people electronically. We all had to adapt to new ways of working.

As we looked back Beth, Nick and Graeme have fulfilled booked preaches in 63 different locations, have taken part in 9 inductions, some of these in person but many over a digital platform, they have also recorded and released on YouTube 18 sermons which between them have been viewed over 3000 times, in itself Nick’s remembrance service was viewed 720 times.

One of our highlights was meeting with people during our listening week and hearing them answer the question “What is God saying to you at this time?” which formulated the discipleship document and the daily themes of our September week of prayer. The document can be read here. It has been so encouraging to see EBA churches adapt and creatively engage with their own membership and wider communities whilst working within restrictions long may this engagement last.

We are also aware of ministers and churches that are struggling. The responsibility of a recorded or live broadcast has fallen heavily on some ministers who have had to get to grips with unfamiliar technology in a very short time. Some churches, having seen their buildings close have lost rental income and are now facing uncertain futures as finances reach critical levels and the ministers within those situations face possible redundancy. The challenges are by no means over, but we do have a God who is above all and is walking beside us each and every day.

Prayer points

  • Pray for the Regional team and their families
  • Your minister and their family that they will know the love of God.
  • EBA churches who are facing 2021 with the prospect of making difficult decisions.
  • Pray for Jeniya, the moderator of the trustee board and the trustees that serve the Association.
  • Pray for God’s spirit to continue to move across the area in power.
  • Continue to pray for each other and encourage one another.


Why not write to your own minister or church leader over the next few weeks, encourage them and let them know you are praying for them.

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