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Weekly Prayer Focus: Colchester Baptist Church

Week 26

Colchester has the distinction of being the first city dating from Roman Britain.  City status was conferred on Colchester in 2022. In the heart of the city, on Eld Lane, stands Colchester Baptist Church.

The Church is blessed by a leadership team comprising Rev Terry Tennens who is the Lead Minister.  Working alongside Terry are Associate Ministers Rev John Pulford and Lee McDade.  Lee is also the Director of Open Door which is a ministry of Colchester Baptist Church to the homeless and vulnerably housed.  The leadership team are by an active group of Deacons and an Office Administrator.

Colchester, like many towns and cities, is rapidly changing.  New housing and an expanding university have brought many new communities to live in Colchester.  This has been reflected in the make up of the fellowship at Colchester Baptist Church.  With twenty three nations now represented in the fellowship, this brings with it the blessing of diversity and challenge of adapting to become inclusive of different cultures.  To help Colchester Baptist Church become more welcoming, a Representative Group has been formed who advise on how to make services and activities more inclusive.

Being a Church sited in the heart of the city centre of Colchester, the weekdays are incredibly busy at Colchester Baptist Church with activities for all ages taking place.

For Prayer:

  • Colchester Baptist Church give thanks for all the nationalities that make up its congregation. Please pray that the Church will find ways to embrace and encourage all the nations represented in the fellowship
  • Please pray for volunteers to come forward to run the weekday children’s activities.

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