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Weekly Prayer Focus: Christ Church, Stock

Week 44

Stock is a prosperous village in the commuter belt a few miles south of Chelmsford.  Christ Church, founded in 1889, lies on the High Street near the centre.  Baptist minister Revd Simon Roberton has been at the church for almost eight years.

The church has recently decided not to return to its buildings for the foreseeable future, but remains very alive and active in the community. There are Sunday services, housegroups and coffee mornings on Zoom.

Over the summer there was a Zoom Holiday Club, and there is now a weekly Kid’s afternoon club delivered on Zoom with interactive stories and crafts. Most people in the fellowship are online and Zoom meetings are a good way to keep everyone in touch without putting anyone at risk.  Pastor Simon has a call list of 60 people he phones weekly, so everyone is regularly contacted.

Christ Church has a Unity Covenant with both the village Anglican Church and Roman Catholic Church. This is very active and enables the churches to hold common services, events and pulpit swaps that give a united witness to Christ to the village.

The members of Christ Church want to take the message of Jesus to their community in Stock and challenge the view so many local people have that they are self-sufficient and do not need Jesus as their saviour.

For Prayer:

  • For an end to the pandemic, the restrictions currently in place, and the issues of mental health, loneliness and isolation.
  • That the church will listen to what God is saying to them as they adapt to the current situation and then the post-COVID world.
  • That they may seek to share love with the wider community in Stock and be Jesus to the people around them.

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