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Weekly Prayer Focus: Cambourne Church

Week 20

Cambourne Church is a local ecumenical partnership between the Church of England, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church, and the Baptist Union. It was established over twenty years ago as the parish church for Cambourne, a growing new town ten miles west of Cambridge.

Since 2019 the minister has been Bill Miller, an accredited Baptist minister, and last year an experienced youth worker — Clare Cronin — was appointed as the full-time ministry team leader for children and young people.

The Sunday congregation is slowly growing, with especially encouraging numbers over the Easter period, but the current challenge is to shift attendance into commitment to local church life and to discipleship.  However it is exciting that since Easter a new small group has been established from those who attended a “Start!” course in February and March which explored Christian basics. A number of these people have had little church background.

Another recent ministry initiative which has been particularly well-received in the local community, is a monthly bereavement cafe.

A current challenge for the church is having trustees (deacons) able and suitable to take on roles as church officers since our March AGM when some trustees came to the end of their periods in office. We have a church warden and a treasurer, but have not been able to appoint a chair of council or a secretary of council.

Another challenge is the mission to new residents including many from Hong Kong who are arriving as hundreds of new homes are being built in West Cambourne.

Please pray for:

  • Growth in discipleship.
  • The new bereavement café.
  • Church council (deacons) and the appointment of church officers.
  • Mission to West Cambourne.

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