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Weekly Prayer Focus: Burlington Baptist Church

Week 23

Burlington Baptist Church is located right in the centre of Ipswich.  This busy and active church is led by an established team including Simon and Ceri Harris, Claire Earl, Katie Faux, Jacob Kite, brilliant trustees and the wider volunteer team.

Over 150 people gather from across Ipswich each Sunday for a time of lively worship which includes a large worship band and a full range of children’s and youth activities.

The church looks to build communities both large and small among groups with shared interests or needs.  During the week the church has a big programme of activities reaching out to different communities which includes toddlers, a sewing cafe, youth group, the Saturday open café,  a foodbank, clothes bank, and other groups for those with social needs.

The church premises are also used by many other organisations who provide English lessons, help, support and advice.

The original church building is around the corner from current church building built in 1856.  Burlington have long nurtured a vision to change this older building into a hub for charities working within the community providing “social provisioning”. Planning work is starting on this project which involves obtaining planning permission, grant applications, funding  sources, and working with a range of partners and other charities. The church believe this will have a major social impact in the area and help to grow the work of the Kingdom.

Please pray for:

  • All the activities, outreach and community groups that take place especially those involving families and young people.
  • For the vision to convert the old church building into a modern community facility, the practical and funding issues involved, and that the project will allow the kingdom to grow.
  • For disciples making disciples in the fellowship and the deepening of relationships and faith .


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