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Weekly Prayer Focus: Bethel Baptist Church, Swavesey

Week 51

Swavesey lies on the Greenwich Meridian, nine miles from Cambridge, close the notorious A14 and with a large new town known as Northstowe springing up close by. Its other claim to fame is one for the petrol heads – the MG Owners’ Club has its UK headquarters just outside the village.

The Bethel Baptist Church has been in its current building for 150 years – a location popular with community activities. All the various village Guide groups meet there, there’s a line dancing group based there, the village toddlers are let loose on a Tuesday, and the building is home to a weekly community café which is run by village groups who take turns to staff it, including people from the Baptist church.

There’s a lively youth group called the Hub, which is currently run by minister Revd David Mann and helpers, although the church is exploring ways of bringing in a specialist youth worker – possibly in training, on a part-time voluntary basis.

Regular church activities such as services, Sunday school, home groups and prayer gatherings all take place under the guidance of willing leaders, and the church has a healthy, high profile in the village visibly – being on the main route through it – and spiritually, by making itself available to groups and individuals.

Prayer focus
• For a boost to the leadership team. With Deacons’ elections imminent, the church would love to encourage people to accept nominations
• For the provision of youth leadership
• For continued engagement with the community through the many activities taking place in the building
• That we would continue to honour God in our six purposes of church – Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry, Outreach, Prayer and Worship.

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