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Weekly Prayer Focus: Beacon Church, Bacton

Week 05

Bacton is a rural village in North East Norfolk and now home to a thriving family of Jesus-followers.
The Beacon Church in Bacton was a church plant in 2009 in what was previously the Baptist church building. Today, under the joint leadership of husband and wife Jonathan and Paige Squirrell, its catchment area stretches beyond the local villages to some of the larger towns further away.
There’s a strong emphasis on being a word and spirit-led church full of people open to journeying with a truly unpredictable, unlimited and awesome God.
Morning prayer meetings Monday to Friday underline this commitment to discerning God’s will, and a recent encouragement has been the growing relationship with the local school and the potential for deepening relationships with pupils and their parents.
The thriving youth group of non-church attendees is also a very pleasing aspect of the church’s service to the community. Unusually, the team running it are all in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Prayer Focus
• For the new monthly Sunday evening worship service.
• Growing opportunities with the schools, building on the success of the Christmas service which saw a great number of pupils and parents staying for refreshments instead of going straight home afterwards.
• For salvation growth
• For the Friday evening youth group

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