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Weekly Prayer Focus: 57 West

Week 06

57 West, located in Southend Essex, is a Church that has emerged amongst the rough-sleeper, homeless and vulnerably-housed community. Recently, they celebrated their sixth birthday!
The fellowship is seeking to be whole-life oriented, where God’s invitation is received to live ‘life in fullness’. 57 West is now a thriving community of people exploring faith and being baptised. They are supporting each other in their needs, and are welcoming in more people each day.
Having outgrown their original coffee shop space, the fellowship meets in the building of Clarence Road Baptist Church in Southend. It is a model of how two communities can work together to share the gospel. 57 West have twenty-five people on the volunteer team, five trustees and three part-time members of staff.
Currently the fellowship is engaging with thirty people at their winter night shelter which they host on a Sunday night. It is an opportunity for the community to share a meal together, watch a film, access case work and rest in a safe space. They have also started Breakfast, Addiction and Jesus on Thursday mornings. This is a reflective space where people can meditate, share their experiences and gather around scripture.
One of the challenges faced by this community is the struggle to access mental health support. This is influenced by challenges of accessing a GP as well as cuts in local provision, and means people often go without the support that they need.
For Prayer
• Please pray for safety for the community and protection as they face some of the coldest months of the year.
• Please pray for finances as they work through how they might become a more self-sustaining ministry.

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