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Barnwell Baptist Church- New Marleigh Congregation

Hi I’m Catrin Horrex, wife of Dan and mum to three teenage daughters. I was a teacher for 20 years and now I’m embarking on a new adventure with God. As Minister in Training at Barnwell Baptist Church, I’ll be taking the lead on our brand new church plant. Our vision is to grow a Jesus-worshipping community on the new Marleigh housing development on Newmarket Rd in Cambridge. We aim to listen to God and to listen to the community bringing together the stories that make us all who we are in him. We hope that this emerging Christian community will be representative of the residents of the estate and will serve the community of Marleigh.

We aim to move into Marleigh in February 2022 as soon as a suitable house becomes available. We would love you to commit to journey with us on this adventure in number of the following ways;

  • Pray for Barnwell Baptist Church and us as a family we need God to guide us and empower us all the way.
  • give financially to support the work [see overleaf about the manse purchase in particular]
  • if members of the Marleigh community find their way to your church perhaps you could ask if they are aware of us and what is happening on their doorstep? We have been told that information is being passed on to new residents, but we all know that sometimes things don’t happen as promised.
  • Perhaps you have members in your congregation or other Christians you know from elsewhere who are thinking and relocating to Marleigh? We would love it if you could encourage them to pray and ask God whether he might be calling them to join the emerging Christian community there

For more information or to chat further 07732752989/

Barnwell Baptist Church- New Marleigh Manse

Barnwell Baptist Church has, for many years, being praying and exploring the possibility of establishing a new congregation to serve the Marleigh development [formerly known as ‘Wing’) and started serious conversations in 2013 with the developers.

Throughout, we have trusted that if this is God’s plan and will for us no matter how scary and outrageous it is from a human perspective we would step out in faith. God has led us to appoint Catrin Horrex and we are very excited (and a little nervous) as we embark on this latest faith journey.

God miraculously provided a manse for our current minister Rev Stuart Wood back in 2012 we have seen him do it once and we are now looking for him to do it again! What blessed us so much last time was other Christians and churches standing with us and supporting us and so we are asking again will you stand with us on our faith journey?

  • Please pray with us and for us
  • If you are able to contribute financially you can either do that direct to the church (Barnwell Baptist Church, Account number 65888092 Sort code 089299 reference manse) or via housing affordability (HAF), a Christian group helping us to find the finances to protect your anonymity. Contact Patrick McDonald on 07968 024903 or
  • maybe you have some money that you would be willing to invest to help with this purchase if so please contact Patrick at HAF who will confidentially discuss this with you they have the expertise and skills necessary to ensure your money is safe and protected while enabling mission work to take place.

Barnwell Baptist Church- New Marleigh Manse update May 2022

Can I firstly apologise that this update has taken so long to produce – for some weeks we have been aware that this is long overdue but for a whole host of reasons that we won’t go into now, we have been delayed in producing it.
In our last update at the beginning of December 2021, we wrote that we were waiting to see whether the plot that we had paid a deposit on (Plot 74) would be held for us. In the end, the developers put it back on the market and returned our full deposit (which they don’t usually do!). At the same time, we discovered that the way that the developers wanted us to purchase the property, in fact any property on the development – a £5,000 holding deposit, 28 days later exchange contracts and pay 10% and then the balance to be paid at completion, was not compatible with how the Baptist Union Corporation (BUC) wanted us to proceed. We had planned to obtain a loan from the BUC and for them to act as property Trustee. It became very clear that the expectations and processes of the developers and the BUC were not going to align.
This caused us to step back and re-think our approach, hence part of the delay in getting this update to you – in fact we are still working through the implications of this for us as we continue to
trust God for a property on the development.
So where are we currently?
1. We still believe God is going to provide a Manse on the development for the Marleigh congregation Minister, Catrin Horrex and her family. We are so grateful to God for bringing us this far and for providing us with the resources for the deposit. God has also clearly led us to take the step of faith to establish a worshipping community at Marleigh who will share the hope of Jesus with the residents there. The Manse is an integral part of the establishment of this community and the vision is that it will become “A place of hospitality and stories” as Catrin, Dan & others host new neighbours and residents, hear their stories and share their own stories of God’s faithfulness and saving grace. The Manse will become a place of welcome as well as a place that Catrin, Dan and the girls call home.
2. The next phase of building starts in June and the properties on that development will then begin to be marketed. There are properties in this phase that will be suitable. Based on experience thus far, prices can vary – although the houses might be the same size, different garden sizes or configurations have given rise to different prices, but we expect to be looking at prices somewhere between £650-£700,000. We have heard this week that the properties on this next phase of the development are starting to be marketed on Saturday 21st May 2022.
3. Properties in the first two phases of development sold quite quickly and therefore the Church needs to have an agile response – something we would not be able to do working with the BUC. As soon as a suitable property is available, we need to be able to pay the holding deposit of £5,000 and then work towards exchanging and paying the 10% deposit 28 days later.
4. We are now working with Kingdom Bank alongside Housing Affordability to secure the funding necessary. At completion, the Church, which is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) will hold the asset, as this governance structure permits this.

What are the next steps, and how can you pray?
As we move into May, there have been some developments in the last few days: –
1. The Church held a Special Church Members’ Meeting on Sunday 8th May at which they gave authority to the Trustees to pay the £5,000 on a suitable property when one becomes available. They also committed to the process of getting searches done in order to work towards exchange 28 days later. Between these two dates, a further Special Church Members’ meeting will be held to confirm the commitment to purchase.
2. We have been praying that by the time we need to pay the initial deposit, the Church would have enough to pay the 10% deposit (based on the figures above, we will need between £65- £70,000). At the time of the Special Church Members’ meeting, we were about £12,000 short. The day after, we were given pledges of an additional £22,500, which takes out current fund stands at £78,500.
We ask you to please join us in prayer for the following: –
1. We are continuing to work with Kingdom Bank, Housing Affordability and speak to potential investors, donors, etc. so that by the time we get to the second Special Church Members’ meeting giving authority to exchange, we will have a significant proportion of the remaining £585-£630,000 in place.
2. If you feel able to support us, or know people who might be willing, would you pass on this update and the attached Pledge form?

Can we thank you so much for standing with us in prayer – we have felt upheld through these last months. It has been a tricky road to navigate, but we believe God has led us this way. We anticipate that from the beginning of June, we will be able to meet weekly on site, initially on a Sunday afternoon – if you wish to join us at any of these times to pray, meet us, worship with us, please do get in touch with Catrin who can provide the necessary details: or 07732 752989.

If you wish to discuss potential gifts, investment or loans, please contact either myself on the contact details below, or speak to Patrick McDonald at Housing Affordability:  or 07968 024903.

For more information contact Rev Stuart wood 07770792371 or

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