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Engaging with our Mission 22

Do you wish you could know what to do in every situation? Do you ever think that you could make better decisions? Do you ever think ‘I wish I had a little bit of guidance in my life?’ Well now you can.

With one pill you can have complete wisdom and guidance throughout your whole life. Through the wonders of nanotechnology, one little red pill can change your life. Sign up for it today!

“Sounds great,” said James enthusiastically. “Great advert. Spot on. So why aren’t more people signing up?”Ethan shrugged. “Maybe they don’t understand it,” Brian piped up from the corner. Ethan stared at him as though it was completely obvious. “What’s not to understand?” “Do you understand it?” Brian said rudely “Yeah,” Ethan said slowly. “Most of it apart from that scientific jargon stuff at the bottom.” “But that’s what the engineers are for. We employed them to tell everyone about it,” Said Sally smugly. Everyone murmured in agreement. They started chatting excitedly amongst themselves. “Well clearly it’s not working. So what are we going to do about it?” James said loudly to get their attention. Everyone looked down and avoided eye contact. “How about we all go out there and tell everyone about it ourselves?” Suggested Brian. Everyone stared at him in horror. A long silence followed. He may as well have been suggesting they all try and walk on water. Ethan was the first to speak. “There’s no way I can do it. I’m terrible at explaining stuff and I don’t have enough technical knowledge.” Sally nodded. “So what? That’s it you’re not even going to try.” Brian raised his arms in frustration. “It’s not that we don’t want to,” said Ethan. “It’s just we can’t.” “And I’m far too busy. I’ve got that thing I need to do,” said Sally. Brian rolled his eyes. “We understand enough of it. You’re all just making excuses. You just need to..” “Now hang on a minute,” interrupted Ethan. “You can’t seriously be suggesting we go out there and do what the engineers do?” “Yes I am.” “But what if they ask us difficult questions?” Sally had a panicked look on her face. “What if they laugh at us?” “What if they shout at us?”

Brian put his hand out to stop their questions. “What if they don’t do any of that? And what if they do? So what!” “You are so worried about not being able to explain how every detail works when the important thing is that you have experienced that it does work. Let’s simply focus on telling people the difference that it has made to us!”

(Parable Written by Vicky Ball)

To consider:

We have amazing news to pass on but often we are worried about sharing it. What would it look like if we learnt to talk honestly about our faith and the difference that it makes to our lives rather than worrying whether we can answer every question that people might have?

‘God wants to be with us and these are some of the ways that he is making a difference in my life’. Could you take the concept in this statement and use it in your own words with examples from your life as a way of sharing the good news?

(Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash)