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Monthly Mission Parables

Our monthly mission parables are written to inspire, provoke and challenge us.

The strategy can be summarised in one word: POINT. But it will be expressed differently in every church. However each church needs to consider

Places: where is the strategy is expressed? We need an understanding of our communities, the mission needs, etc.

Opportunities that God gives: these may be regional or local, they may involve collaboration with other churches or agencies

Inspiration: we can be inspired by listening to the stories of what God is doing elsewhere and that inspires new stories that inspires new stories…

Need for God: we are dependent on God’s inspiration and power. He is the one who brings people to faith and we work in partnership with him – believing He can do it; willing to take faith-led risks

Training: not just training programmes and courses but considering what resources, encouragers, ideas and so on we will need to enable us to fulfil the mission – tailored to local needs, but shared between churches.

To enable us to focus on these thoughts the Mission Strategy Task group have been writing a Mission Parable each month which is circulated around the churches. The complete set of these can be found below.

They sat, looking at one another in disbelief. They had the secret of perfect Pizza but many of their restaurants were empty and some were even facing closure. They had grown up hearing stories of the previous generations, of packed restaurants where crowds had come to feast on Pizza. They knew that they were faithfully following the recipe and that they were doing all the same things as those who had come before them. They felt like they were doing everything right which left them confused because it felt like everything was going wrong. One of the managers broke the silence. ‘I’ve…

A new family has joined our church recently and whilst I was chatting to them following their first service with us, the mum asked if I remembered her? It turned out that she had come to one of our Family Film Mornings a few months earlier and that she had enjoyed it so much that she had decided to come and see what church was like on a Sunday. In that moment, I knew that I needed to say sorry to God. Let me explain … If you followed the amazing ‘50 Days’ you will have read about the Family…

The Church was on a mission and they were excited following the launch of several new projects. One Saturday morning they decided to go into their community to tell people about what they were offering. Peter couldn’t wait to share the great news about his church and so he made sure that he was first out of the door. As he walked along, he noticed a young woman trying to carry some bags full of toys. ‘Hello’ he said. ‘I’m Peter from your local Baptist church and we’re out and about today to tell everyone about the projects we are…

The parable of the lovely notebook Is it just me, or do others really enjoy having a new notebook or diary (if you still use a paper one)? There’s something attractive about having a notebook with crisp, pristine pages. I love it. I anticipate what I will use it for. I make myself promises that I won’t scribble or cross things out. I will only ever use nice pens to write in the book, and I will always use my best writing. Recently for my birthday some kind friends of mine bought me this notebook. It was made in Italy… This month we have a video for our Monthly Mission Parables. This video has been made by the Eastern Baptist Association to help people to think through a part of our POINT mission strategy

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