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Grant Eligibility

Please note

For 2025 we will not be accepting any new applications for grants that cannot evidence the development of a “financial engine” that over a few years will begin to generate income for the applicant meaning reliance on a grant is reduced year on year.

Grants are available to support pioneers and any EBA member church that meets these criteria. They are usually considered once a year following the timetable below, however if you find yourself struggling outside of this timetable, please speak to your regional minister sooner rather than later.

  • Grants are for mission not maintenance
    • Part of the application process requires completion of a Mission Development Plan, which details what the missional plans are and describes the approaches which will be undertaken to achieve growth in fruitfulness. The Regional Team can walk with you to help to develop the Mission Action Plan.
  • Normally the grant is to help pay the stipend of a Minister, Minister in Training or a Pioneer. The stipend is the standard stipend as published by the BU each year.
  • Grants are available up to a max of 50% of the stipend paid not including housing costs
  • Applicants needs to be able to demonstrate through their accounts and budget that there is a financial need for a grant.
  • The level of reserves will be looked at and if these are more than the reserves policy the grants committee need an explanation for why this is. (A reserves policy will normally be in the region of 6 months running costs.)
  • Grants are only paid whilst the postholder to which the grant relates to is in post.
  • Grants are not usually available to churches that have more than one full time Minister or another employee
  • Home Mission Grants are usually only made to churches who give towards Home Mission and BMS
  • There is an expectation that in most circumstances applicants will aim to reduce the amount it applies for with each subsequent application.

Applications are made for a grant for the following year, for example if applying in 2024, the grant will be for 2025. Further information can be obtained from your regional minister or EBA Secretary.

Timetable for applications for grants in 2025

November 2023Application forms sent out
By 28 February 2024Applicants submit all application forms
By 31 March 2024All supplementary paperwork inc. signed accounts submitted.
20 April – 20 May 2024Visits take place
24 June 2024Grants Committee meet
July 2024EBA Council meets to approve grant recommendations from Grants committee
By end of July 2024All applicants are notified of the result