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Grant Eligibility

Grants are available for any BU Member church and meet this criteria

  • A church needs to be missional in order to be eligible and part of the application requires a Mission Action Plan to be completed, which demonstrates what the mission plans are and describes the approaches which the church are taking to action those plans. The Regional Team offer help to create Mission Action Plans.
  • Normally the grant is to help pay the stipend of an accredited Minister or a Minister in Training
  • A church needs to be able to demonstrate through their accounts and budget that there is a financial need for a grant.
  • The level of church reserves will be looked at and if these are more than the church reserves policy the grants committee need an explanation for why this is. A reserves policy will not be normally be more than 6 months running costs.
  • Grants are not usually available to churches that have more than one full time Minister or another employee
  • Home Mission Grants are usually only made to churches who give towards Home Mission and BMS
  • There is an expectation, that in most circumstances, a church will reduce the amount it applies for with each subsequent application.

Applications are made by churches for a grant for the following year, for example if applying in 2020, the grant will be for 2021. Further information can be obtained from

Timetable for Applications for grants in 2021

By end of OctoberChurches/Chaplaincies/Special Ministries declare an interest in applying and say who will be returning their forms
By 31 December 2019Grants secretaries advise lead visitor names to applicants
By end JanuaryVisitor meetings set and date confirmed to secretaries
By 16 FebruaryApplicants submit all application forms (draft accounts/subject to Independent. Examination if necessary)
By end of JulyHome Mission visits take place
14 SeptemberGrants Committee meets to consider applications
21 SeptemberEBA Council Meeting – to consider allocations and agree grants
After 21 SeptemberGrants Secretaries notify all applicants of the result