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Thrive Wellbeing Day

“”Thrive is a nationwide initiative, which aims to encourage a variety of networking between ministers’ spouses from those who are training right through to those who are retired.  This networking will include different sorts of local and interest groups as well as events, and sharing via social media or email (for those who prefer it). 

“Ministers’ spouses have many different occupations, careers and talents which we want to affirm and celebrate.  Being in contact with others in similar circumstances (i.e. married to a minister) allows us to be an inspiration and an encouragement to each other so that we can grow and flourish wherever God has put us.

After interest at the last conference we are organising a wellbeing day, a chance to replenish, worship, pray, chat and be creative.

Date / Time: 28th March, 2020 10:00am


Cambourne Church

External website:
Contact: Kerrion Miller

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