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Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training- Eastwood Baptist Church

A combined Level 2 and Level 3 training day. With Level 2 being delivered in the morning and Level 3 in the afternoon.

Delegates that are staying all day are required to provide their own lunch.

Places are limited so booking is essential.

Level 2 is designed for the minister, deacons/trustees, the designated person for safeguarding and all those who work with children, young people and adults. It covers the following points and takes about 3 hours:.

Level 2 aims to help attendees:

  • to have confidence in responding to safeguarding concerns about children, young people and adults at risk within the church and know what support is available if needed
    to build a greater understanding of safeguarding and why it is important within the church context
    to be aware of different types of abuse
    to be champions in safeguarding

Level 3 is for all church leaders including, the minister, deacons/trustees, and the designated person for safeguarding.  Level 3 is designed to follow on from Level 2 and you should attend the Level 2 Course before accessing Level 3.

Level 3 aims to:

  • help attendees understand the key safeguarding responsibilities of church leaders
    build confidence in responding to concerns and supporting all those effected by abuse
    provide time to reflect on how your church safeguarding policies and procedures are working
Date / Time: 28th March, 2020 9:30am
9.30-12.30 Level 2, 1.30-4.30 Level 3

Cost: £10 per person per level
External website:
Contact: Hayley Beckett, EBA Secretary

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