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Befriending the work: Supervising Spiritual Directors

Bishop Woodford House, Ely

Fri 5th – Sun 7th June 2020 Starts with the evening meal on Friday, and ends with Sunday lunch

Fee £230 full board

Tutors: Jane Keiller, Helen Randall and Jeremy Summerell.

The course is offered by Cambridgeshire Courses in Spiritual Direction (CCSD)

CCSD is part of the Society of Retreat Conductors (Charity No. 246045)

“Supervision is a process of allowing the living presence of God to reveal areas of un – clarity and giftedness in the person seeking supervision, so that they can more readily facilitate God’s presence in those whom they seek to accompany.

In order to grow in the freedom which is required to accompany others, the guide needs the encouragement which comes from seeking an honest appraisal of her/himself.”

Adapted from Maureen Conroy: Looking into the Well


The course is offered to spiritual directors :

  • who have completed a training course in spiritual direction 
  • who have been accompanying two or more people over 2 – 3 years
  • and/or have substantial experience (eg. three to four times of accompaniment in weeks/months of guided prayer) 
  • who have some experience of being in supervision.We hope that this course may:
  • give an understanding of the process of supervision as a growth experience 
  • encourage and equip those who feel drawn to become supervisors 
  • enable you to use periods of individual or peer supervision more effectively 
  • enhance your capacity for self-supervision 
  • help you develop and refine the contemplative gaze which is at the heart of both spiritual direction and supervision.
Date / Time: 5th June, 2020 12:00am
June 5th-June 7th



Cost: £230
External website:
Contact: Janice Randall

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